4 Symptoms You Have Fallen For her


So you have finally met the girl of your dreams and think you might already be falling for her?

Here are 4 symptoms to know for sure:

1) You can’t stop thinking about her

Every day and every night, she is in your thoughts. You could be doing random chores, watching TV or preparing for work/school tomorrow and still you find your thoughts wandering to her and wondering what she is up to.

You even start to daydream about spending the future with her, your mind replaying different scenarios involving her over and over. If you find yourself absent-mindedly smiling over such thoughts, you may be falling in love.

2) You find yourself glancing at her a lot

From accidental stares to deliberately catching her eye or even looking away quicky, there is usually a lot of eye contact involved with the girl you are falling for. Just be sure your attention is wanted or it can quickly become creepy.

A clear indicator of love is finding yourself occassionally glancing at her and gazing at her for her reactions to things.

3) You find all her imperfections endearing

While falling in love, you will find her flaws cute or endearing that may be considered unattractive by the general population.

The phrase “Love is blind” holds very true here.

4) You can be a little jealous of her friends

It is not uncommon to be a little jealous of her friends, especially males. Obsessing over where she is or who she is with a lot can lead to unhealthy relationships down the road.

However, if you are slightly jealous of her having a good time without you, you might be having feelings for this girl.


I hope this post helped you in figuring out if you actually are falling for her. Good luck!

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